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I just realized how much Naruto Uzumaki and Harry Potter have in common.

Both their parents died when they were very young.

They had a hard childhood and they didn’t have any friends. But things changed (Hogwarts and squad 7) and they got a lot of friends.

They both have great powers. But the source of a part of the power is from something bad (Voldemort and the nine tailed fox). 

Both their parents died protecting their child.

Sorry, I am so terribly bad in English


I’m considering getting twitter, just so I can follow Richelle Mead

A woman can preach, a woman can work, a woman can fight, can rule, can conquer, can destroy — just as much as a man can. 

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I really don’t like the Swedish cover for the Vampire Academy books. And they are all the same, just different colors. 

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Jag tog verkligen en paus från att lägga över inläggen hit, men jag tittade inte på min tv-serie. Inte alls. Istället kollade jag här på tumblr efter vad folk skrev om The Indigo Spell som är den tredje boken ur Bloodlines-serien skriven av Richelle Mead. Vad hittar jag då om inte första kapitlet…

Vart hittade du första kapitlet? :)

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